The Domain Game: My Journey in Domaining

Hey there, it’s me, sharing my thoughts on my domain investing journey. I don’t stress about when I’ll sell a domain; I focus on making it brandable and in-demand. The first question I always ask: Can someone build their dream using this domain? The second: Could I build my dream on it if it was my only domain? The answer is usually a resounding yes!

Is it meaningful, easy to spell, and memorable? Check, check, check! Can it be a global company’s headquarters? Absolutely! Is it worth six or seven figures? You bet! And does it have that catchy, memorable ring to it? Because in the world of domains, word-of-mouth still rules.

Dotcom domains are the gold standard—the franchise that levels the economic playing field. Anyone can plant their dream for as little as a Happy Meal and be on Main Street of the business universe. It’s about accumulating the right gems. The sales will follow. No need to get desperate.

Value depends on who’s buying. Mom-and-pops? Nah, not my target. I’m looking for the Fortune 500 dreamers. They’re Amazon, Apple, and Netflix in my eyes. I assume they’re top dogs, and that’s how I answer inquiries. They want a price; I want a conversation. We both win.

But when the value’s out of reach for them, it’s a polite goodbye. I only deal with the passionately ambitious. They might pose as mom & pops, but don’t fall for it. They’re potential giants.

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