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  • Pros and Cons of Domain Investing: My Take

    Pros and Cons of Domain Investing: My Take

    Today, I’m gonna break down the pros and cons of domain investing. First, the good stuff: Pros: Cons: Remember, quality trumps quantity. Get ideas from everywhere, make lists, and invest wisely. Know your niches, trust your expertise, and keep your keyword list handy.

  • Starting Right in Domain Name Investing

    Starting Right in Domain Name Investing

    Starting out right in domain investing is crucial. I’ve seen many make mistakes, so let’s learn from them. Here’s what I’ve discovered: Remember, it’s about laying your cards on the table and putting together a winning hand for both parties. Be consistent and determined. And, if it doesn’t work out, don’t be afraid to walk…

  • The Domain Game: My Journey in Domaining

    The Domain Game: My Journey in Domaining

    Hey there, it’s me, sharing my thoughts on my domain investing journey. I don’t stress about when I’ll sell a domain; I focus on making it brandable and in-demand. The first question I always ask: Can someone build their dream using this domain? The second: Could I build my dream on it if it was…

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